Wings of Winter

Wings of Winter

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This regal collection of birds, as they shelter from the winter snow is the backdrop for our next PuzzleTwist® adventure. Enchanting changes to the artwork on the box will bring a smile to your face, and keep you searching until you identify all the hidden secrets in this winter scene.

Here's the twist: The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle IN the box! A snowy retreat will come to life with each of the differences you spot.

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Wings of Winter - Frustrating

This puzzle was beyond frustrating trying to put together....if you typically do not use the picture on the box as a visual, then maybe (maybe?) this would be enjoyable, but not for our family. It was very frustrating and then we realized we were missing a border piece, so unfortunately had to give up on this one. Would not recommend.

Well... we do appreciate you giving PuzzleTwist a try. We realize it's not for everyone. If you ever decide to give it another attempt... you can find the actual puzzle image within the reveal section of our website. You might find this helpful.

If you do finish the puzzle and find you do have a missing piece please let us know and we'll get that corrected for you.

Thanks again for giving PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzles a try. Sorry our twist concept is not for you.


These types of puzzles are the only ones I do now. I love the colors. My favorite are the 500 piece puzzles.

Denise DeLaFontaine

We can’t figure it. Could you send me the picture please.

Hi Denise,
We just sent you the reveal for Wings of Winter. This is a tough one even with the reveal. But it a fun one.
Hope you enjoy it!

Janice Jordan
Wings of Winter

It was fun and frustrating at the same time. We make puzzles all the time. Yes, we will make another one.

Fun fun fun

I love the challenge of the puzzle twist puzzle. This puzzle is beautiful and was a lot of fun to put together. Thank you!