Revealed: Jam Session


  Here's the whole twist...


An explosion of music fills the air.  Were you able to find the 20 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image… some obvious, some subtle?





 Jam Session Revealed:

  1.  The keyboard in the upper left moved to the lower left corner
  2. Clarinet moves from the lower right corner to the upper left corner
  3. Trumpet and bugle swap locations
  4. Treble clef moves from the lower right hand side to the top of the puzzle
  5. Eighth notes are turned about 45 degrees clockwise on the left side of the image
  6. Orange confetti in the purple section is now coming out of the trumpet
  7. Eighth notes within the purple section are turned 180 degrees and moved a bit higher
  8. The dark purple-blue guitar from the lower left corner has moved to the upper right corner
  9. Some blue confetti has appeared in the upper right hand corner
  10. Some squiggly lines have been removed from the upper right hand corner
  11. The drum sticks have moved from the bottom of puzzle to on top of the black baby grand piano
  12. A sixteenth note has appeared in the middle, right side of the puzzle
  13. Confetti on the blue guitar (roughly in center) changes from gold to multiple colors
  14. Confetti left of the blue guitar changes color from light blue to yellow
  15. A black violin is added to the image towards the bottom
  16. Trombone moves from the bottom left to the bottom right
  17. Pink confetti that was coming from the trombone moves even further left on bottom
  18. The two eighth notes at the bottom of the image move locations
  19. Two connected eighth notes now appear at the bottom of the puzzle
  20. The artist’s signature, Juileez, moves from the bottom left to the bottom right

Were you able to find all the changes?

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