Revealed: Minnesota Spirit


  Here's the whole twist...

What a crazy day in Minnesota. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to find the 56 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Minnesota Spirit Revealed:

1) Ole and Lena are ready for the summer Friday night fish fry!
2) Bottom scene changes from winter/summer to summer/winter.
3) A couple of egrets find true love.
4) Ice fisherman has moved his fish house east of the Twin Cities.
5) Boat fisherman in the lower right corner went trolling to the middle of the puzzle.
6) Water skiers east of the Twin Cities have moved just south of MN.
7) Downhill skiers have gone from the left side of the puzzle to the right side.
8) A couple of people tubing have joined the downhill skiers.
9) Mascots in the lower right corner have changed locations and are now flying a State of Hockey flag.
10) The bikers have all changed color shirts.
11) Someone took a bite out of the Spam burger.
12) The farm now has a crop in the field.
13) Pipestone pipe is smoking!
14) One of the Jeffers Petroglyphs has changed.
15) The Red Wing boot is now tied!
16) The Green Giant is enjoying some corn on the cob.
17) Cheers!  The top is off the Schell’s brew.
18) Mosquito has had a healthy dinner.
19) Woman has used a piece of her dress to patch the covered wagon.
20) Man putting on the 6th hole is now on the 9th hole and just missed his put.
21) Mall of America logo has changed colors.
22) Cherry sprinkler has been turned on.
23) Charlie Brown has changed clothes to go fishing!
24) The lake east of the Twin Cities has iced over.
25) The sign in front of the cabin now states “Fish Stories Told Here.”
26) Someone added a tire swing to Minnesota’s state tree.
27) The yellow corn on the cob is now peaches and cream (yellow and white).
28) Someone started a fire in the cabin by Pequot Lakes.
29) Logging truck has a couple more logs.
30) Duluth Lift Bridge is up!
31) Fish in Lake Superior has changed color.
32) Loons swimming in Lake Superior have changed direction.
33) The lake freighter on Superior has changed directions.
34) Small sailboat on Superior has been changed with a tall ship!
35) Grandma’s marathon runners have caught up to the leading pack.
36) Two people in the canoe have added a red cooler to their trip.
37) Another loon has come up for air by the canoe.
38) Coal truck has just picked up a full load.
39) Babe the Blue Ox is steaming.
40) Paul Bunyan has got his ax back from the Wisconsin Badgers.
41) A black bear has found a nice tipi (also teepee) to spend the day in.
42) Someone rotated the ships shields.
43) Snowmobile riders have switched jackets.
44) Campfire by the tent is smoking hot.
45) Split Rock Lighthouse Beacon is shining bright.
46) Rock climber trying to reach Split Rock Lighthouse.
47) North Shore sign now says Moose Crossing.
48) Two bear cubs have found their mama!
49) Beautiful sunset in the upper right corner of the puzzle.
50) Buck has grown up and his rack has filled out.
51) Three people above Minnesota have changed jackets and locations.
52) The temperature has gone from -40 to +40 in Northern MN.
53) The man right below the North Star has caught a keeper.
54) One of the two men ice fishing has just pulled a fish from his hole.
55) Three additional geese are flying in the northern sky.
56) Northern Lights appear!

Were you able to find all the changes?

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