Roadside Americana

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Route 66 was well-known as the Main Street of America, and this nostalgic gaze into the past will have classic car enthusiasts flashing a warm-hearted smile. You are transported to a time where traveling meant striking out to see what you could see. For those with a keen eye, the variety of changes to this jigsaw are sure to heighten the wistfulness of bygone days.

Here's the twist: The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle IN the box! Take a drive down route 66 to discover 25 changes that take place.

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Roadside puzzle

A gift for my car enthusiast hubby

The best!

I’ve done several (20) of the PuzzleTwist puzzles. As I was going through I realized this was my favorite of all, so far. Even though it was only 750 pieces, it was a bit challenging.
Loved the old cars.

I’m glad you are coming out with more new puzzles because I’m ruined for regular puzzles.
Future puzzle idea classic cars, hot rods or rat rods?

Roadside America

Wow, poor Maynard squished on the hood of the truck!
Another awesome puzzle!

LOL! You found Maynard! Way to go. This review mad me smile. Thanks for taking the time to do a PuzzleTwist puzzle and leave a review.

mixed up

1st twisted puzzle ever. Enjoyed very much.
Was fun to find the differences. Did not find Maynard till
looked up.

Delores Pierce
Road America

Did not like this puzzle. Do a lot of puzzles and did not enjoy this. My husband picked it out, did not realize all the changes. Would not purchase one of these again.

Hi Delores,

We're sorry you did not enjoy our twist concept. We do realize it's not for everyone. If you ever see one of our puzzles you'd like to do in the future please feel free to email us for the final puzzle image and we'll reply with it asap. In the end, we just want you to have an enjoyable puzzle experience.

You may also want to consider doing our Maynard's Signature Series puzzles as those are straight up puzzles (no twists).

We do appreciate you giving one of our puzzles a try and taking the time to write this review.

Best regards,